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Dependable Calibration Services in Cambridge

To increase the durability of welding equipment and machines, opting for calibration services is imperative. If you want calibration services in Cambridge, you can trust Hawkes Electro Arc Ltd with your welding systems and machines. Our calibration process includes operations, tests, and measurements performed under a specified set of conditions to define the relationship between a displayed value and a reference value.

Why Is Calibration Required?

The calibration process checks the speed of your welding machine’s voltage, amperage, and wire feed. It helps to determine the gas flow rate of its welding current source. Generally, MIG/MAG, manual metal arc welding and WIG systems are calibrated. Further, if you need to ascertain if your welding equipment or system conforms to its specified operating parameters, verification is the suitable option.

How Often Should Calibration and Verification be Performed?

According to IEC 60974−14, it depends on your welding machine manufacturer as well as you. You can have your systems and machines calibrated or verified annually or more frequently, as stated by your equipment manufacturer.

As per industry standards, the ideal time for verification is port-repair, as it might impact the accuracy of values displayed by your equipment. Apart from calibration services, verification can also be helpful. It includes the processes of calibration and validation. It is always better to calibrate your machines for quality and efficient results.

General Calibration Procedure in Cambridge

The load bank applies a variable load to the power source at controlled increments throughout the power source range. Readings taken by the Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter and the Fluke 376 FC True RMS Clamp Meter are compared to those taken from the equipment being calibrated. Adjustments and/or meter replacements are made as required until the acceptable level of calibration is met.

Why Choose Our Calibration Services?

At Hawkes Electro Arc Ltd, you and your machines are our priority. That’s why we are dedicated to providing quality workmanship. We have been proudly serving the nuclear, manufacturing as well as construction industries. We understand the importance of having well-calibrated welding machines. To ensure quality, we have our meters calibrated by an outside source. It provides us with the certification to help you better. Our Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter and Fluke 376 FC True RMS Clamp Meter are calibrated once annually by an independent and approved instrument service company.


Looking for Calibration Services?

You can rely on our trained team for the calibration of your machines in Cambridge.

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